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CylindricalSeparator.jpgIf there is potential for a high-solids loading, such as vehicle wash racks, PSI can supply an integral solids interceptor on the front end of the vessel. The PSI design will not allow oil to accumulate in the solids collection chamber and will decrease the frequency required for maintenance of the separator.

On installations where the flow can not gravity discharge from the separator, PSI can design and supply automatic water pump-out systems. These separators are equipped with an integral compartment and either a simplex or duplex pump package. PSI recommends pumps installed with a guide cable system allowing easy removal and reinstallation of the pump from grade. PSI has a UL-listed panel shop that manufactures custom control panels specifically designed for lead-lag and/or alternating pump operation with high water level alarms.

Some oil-water separators are installed in locations where there is a potential for a large oil spill. For these applications, a popular option supplied by PSI is an automatic inlet shut-off valve. A high-performance butterfly valve and electronic actuator operate in conjunction with a PSI control panel and stainless steel oil interface probe to ensure that large oil spills will not pass through the separator and cause harm to the environment. This system is superior to mechanical float-type stop valves that are mounted inside the separator on the outlet pipe. If the outlet pipe is closed, the flow coming to the separator can pressurize the vessel and/or push oil up the manways and out the separator vents.