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PSI offers a complete line of electrical accessories including high oil level alarms, leak detection systems, automatic oil and water pump-out systems, automatic inlet shut-off valves, freeze protection, and more.

The control panels are designed and built in accordance with UL standards and are UL labeled.  CUL label is also available for projects in Canada.  The most common panel ratings are NEMA 4 (weatherproof), NEMA 4X (weatherproof and corrosion resistant), or NEMA 7 (explosion-proof). Level sensors are also UL-listed and intrinsically safe.  The sensor floats can detect the oil-water interface as well as detect the air-liquid interface for a wide variety of alarm or pump control applications.

PSI can custom design a separator to include inlet solids compartments when high solids loading is expected.  Integral lift stations with simplex or duplex pumped discharge systems are utilized when the effluent cannot gravity drain from the separator.  Have heavy and light oils?  No problem.  PSI can design a three-phase separator to meet your needs.

PSI Panels
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3-Level Custom Sensor

Leak Probe